Road defects in Dubai

AI Technology and innovative Sustainable Products promise safer oads

Dubai is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and repair road defects, aiming to enhance its transport network and bolster safety. The city’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has deployed patrol vehicles equipped with AI technology to scan the motorways for any sign of deterioration, including minor cracks as little as 1mm, and potholes, mitigating potential hazards for motorists.

AI Technologically Advanced Patrol Vehicle Promise Safer Roads

The technologically-advanced device, fitted onto patrol vehicles, can recognise up to 13 different types of road defects. This new system significantly outperforms traditional inspection procedures, as explained by Hamad Al Shehi, director of roads and facilities maintenance at the RTA. The pavement management system will assist the RTA in repairing around 168 lane-kilometres this year, more than doubling the scope of last year’s maintenance. For reference, a lane-kilometre is a one-kilometre stretch of road that is a single lane in width.

The AI technology employed in this system uses sophisticated sensors and algorithms to identify and analyse road defects. It operates by scanning the road surface and instantly detecting cracks through high-resolution cameras and laser scanning capabilities. Given the size of Dubai’s network, spanning 18,765 lanes, the patrol vehicle is expected to survey the entire road network approximately once every two years.

Mr. Al Shehi stressed the significance of identifying even the smallest road defects in maintaining road integrity and guaranteeing safety. He also mentioned the use of the system to create a virtual map of Dubai’s roads, achieving 97% accuracy.

Sustainable Road Construction and Preservation for Safer Roads

Global Road Technology (GRT) is at the forefront of sustainable road construction and preservation, offering a suite of products specifically designed to protect road surfaces. Their innovative solutions combine cutting-edge technology with environmentally conscious principles, resulting in a new age of road infrastructure that promotes sustainability and longevity. GRT’s products range from dust suppression solutions to soil and erosion control methods, all designed with a keen focus on environmental protection and durability.

“As we collaborate with cities like Dubai, we’re inspired to redefine road construction and maintenance. At Global Road Technology, we’re demonstrating that road longevity and quality don’t have to compromise our planet’s wellbeing. Our innovative, eco-friendly solutions are changing the way Dubai, and indeed the world, views road infrastructure. This sustainable approach is not just an alternative; it’s the future of road technology.”  said Managing Director, Troy Adams, Managing Director at Global Road Technology

Pivotal Role in Environmental Footprint of  Safer Road Structure

Their environmentally-friendly road technology is truly transforming the industry. By prioritising green technology, GRT is not only building better roads but also ensuring they are designed and maintained in a manner that respects and protects our planet. The company’s solutions reduce the reliance on water for dust suppression, lessen carbon emissions through fewer vehicle movements, and decrease the need for aggregate materials in road construction. Each of these steps plays a pivotal role in mitigating the environmental footprint of road infrastructure, underscoring GRT’s commitment to driving the industry forward in a sustainable and eco-conscious way.

With the city’s growth and expansion, innovative solutions like this AI system and innovative products like GRT’s soil stabilisation and construction range promises a future with roads that are not only efficient and interconnected but also safe and meticulously maintained.