The Western Australian Government has pledged $22.6 million towards fixing safety issues within the state.

Funded by WA’s 2022-2023 Black Spot Program, 83 road upgrades will be undertaken and include safety barrier installation, footpath markings, raised platforms and changes to roads.

The Black Spot Program is a collaboration with the local government who have committed an extra $6.3 million. In total, it is estimated there will be $28.6 million dollars used to upgrade regional and metropolitan roads.

The areas identified have been prioritised because of the number of incidents occurring and thorough audits on road safety. The majority of the Black Spot Program projects will be carried out on inner city roads, with 33 projects identified for regional Western Australian roads.

Road safety has always been a priority for the state, according to the WA Transport Minister, Rita Saffioti.  Already more than $500 million has been injected into the Black Spot Program. The government and local area councils understand the critical nature of this project.

The goal is to ensure every person travelling within the state gets to their destination safely.

A  breakdown of the distribution of funds for the city and suburban road upgrades.

Safety Barriers:

Kenwick Link, Nicholson Road and Willeri Drive on the Roe Highway 

Pier Protection

Canning Mills Road in the City of Kalamunda

Pre-deflection on roundabout approaches

Parmelia Avenue in the City of Kwinana

Roundabout Installation

Queens Crescent and Clifton Crescent intersection in the City of Stirling
Walpole Street and Warwick Street intersection in the City of Canning
Guy Street and Port Drive in the Shire of Broome

Widen and seal shoulders

Canning Mills Road in the City of Kalamunda

Street Lighting

Two Rocks Road in the City of Wanneroo
Guy Street and Port Drive in the Shire of Broome
Lakes Road and Murdoch Drive intersection in the City of Mandurah

Modify the left-turning lane

Cervantes Road

Widen Carriageway

Fisheries Road and Bandy Creek Road intersection

Lower and widen crests

Ullawarra Road

Install delineation and signs

Shire of Upper Gascoyne

Improve pedestrian safety

Beringarra-Pindan Road in the Shire of Murchison

Seal gravel approaches at intersections

Moramockining Road in the Shire of Wandering

For full details of the 2022-23 State Government Black Spot Program schedule, visit the Main Roads website at

What will you do to support this global road safety initiative?

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