Dust Control

GRT Soil Stabilization and Dust Control

 Soil Stabilization and Dust Control with Global Road Technology

Global Road Technology was created to provide the solution to a worldwide need for better and safer roads in all types of conditions. It uses the latest in soil stabilization and dust control technology in order to create safer surfaces for government, mining, military, industrial uses as well as farming industries in order to improve the communities that exist all over the world.

Global Road Technology employs the most modern methods of dust control in order to avoid air pollution and improve the time on construction. There is reduced costs of clean up and restoration, much lower than the conventional means of constructing roads. The process itself is very quick and allows for use of the road surface immediately after its construction. These road surfaces are also built to withstand heavy vehicle use, reducing the effect of wear and tear to minimal.

There are many benefits to these methods of soil stabilization. The use of natural and non-renewable sources is reduced, for one, meaning that there is less of a need for mining of material and import to create these sturdy road surfaces. The depletion of the Earth’s sources has been a troublesome side effect of having to build new roads, but with Global Road Technology methods, the natural resources can be saved for future use.

Construction can be a detriment to the health of the people living in the surrounding areas. However, with the reduction of resource use and the minimization of the movement of trucks improves the air quality of the surrounding area, reducing local emissions to promote the protection of the environment. Our dust-suppressive methods are designed to keep the air breathable for residents and landowners and cut back on air particulates.

Air pollution isn’t the only concern for Global Road Technology. The constant use of fresh water in traditional construction methods has depleted the natural water resources that are used for supply fresh drinking water to communities and farming for irrigation. However, the amount of water is also carefully reduced in our soil stabilization and dust control methods so that nothing goes to waste.

Global Road Technology methods are not only designed to be strong and require very little maintenance, but they also aim to reduce the costs from traditional methods of road construction. Alternative in-situ materials are used in their construction, instead of coal, rock and concrete, all of which are becoming more expensive to obtain with the depletion of natural resources.

There’s no need for large, heavy construction machinery to build new roads; in only a quarter of the time, a trained Global Road Technology crew can lay up to 1 kilometer of road per day. Productivity goes up while construction costs and use of natural resources go down, creating an environmentally safe alternative to road construction.

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