Dust Control and Soil Stabilization

Dust Control and Soil Stabilization

GRT Soil Stabilization and Dust Control to Brazil

Brazil has long stood out as one of South America’s fastest growing and strongest economies.  It is a growing competitor on the worldwide stage as well; it is the sixth largest economy in the world in terms of nominal GDP, and the seventh largest in terms of overall purchasing power parity.  What does any of that have to do with soil stabilization and dust control?

Well, like many developing nations, Brazil suffers from a third-rate infrastructure system which now is threatening to choke off trade and strangle new development.  According to the CEO of Brazil’s National Logistics Operators Association, the ABOL, bad roads increase operations and transportation costs in many cases by as much as 66%.  Global Road Technology and their innovative family of dust control and soil stabilization products has recently opened a new office in the country in an attempt to help local businesses and government combat this costly trend.

GRT’s products offer a number of significant advantages over traditional road construction methods, which can offer Brazil a cost-effective solution to their infrastructure quandary.  Here is how using Global Road Technology will help:

  • Building GRT Roads is Fast – Because their soil stabilization and dust control products largely use in-situ material, transportation and other logistics related to construction are kept to a minimum.  Global Road Technology can lay a kilometer of road nearly 800% faster than a traditional crew can construct one.
  • GRT Products are Cost Effective – Global Road Technology soil stabilization and dust control products enable road construction at less than half the cost of traditional concrete or asphalt paving.  They are also less disruptive to communities in terms of noise and traffic displacement, meaning their products are equally viable in urban or rural settings.
  • GRT Roads are Easy to Maintain – Once the road surface is constructed, businesses and communities do not need to invest in expensive or complicated equipment or procedures to maintain them.  Global Road Technology will train you on maintaining your road surface, and educate you on how often it will need to be examined for repair as well.

It is these three unique advantages of Global Road Technology and their soil stabilization and dust control products which perfectly suit them to assist Brazil in dealing with their infrastructure crisis.  Fast building, low cost, high quality roads will really enable businesses across their country to experience unprecedented growth through minimizing shipping and transportation costs.

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