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Global Road Technology Soil Stabilization and Dust Control Solutions

GRT Soil Stabilization and Dust Control Help Multinationals Deliver Environmental Benefits

Today more than ever before, the eye of the world is on multinational companies regarding how they treat the environment.  Every few years, public consciousness is re-focused on this issue by some major disaster, such as the relatively recent BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  That is why energy, mining, construction, exploration, and other heavy industry is always on the lookout for new technology which can help minimize their environmental impact.  GRT soil stabilization and dust control products are helping companies do just that in dozens of countries across the globe.  Here is how they are making an impact:

  • Water Usage – In Australia, mining and heavy manufacturing accounts for nearly 20% of all water consumption nationwide.  In many localities, water usage is tightly regulated and you may even need permits and a usage plan in place before being allowed to engage in any heavy industry.  GRT soil stabilization and dust control products enable corporations to cut water consumption drastically through the use of new technology, more efficient processes, and incorporating reuse and recycle.
  • Mining – Many governments restrict mining practices and impose severe site rehabilitation regulations on any commercial enterprise involving the exploitation of natural resources.  GRT soil stabilization and dust control products help companies comply with these laws and build stable infrastructure that is extremely low-impact on local resources and minimizes the total environmental effects.
  • Construction – Construction is another excellent example of an industry where GRT soil stabilization and dust control products can help companies deliver environmental benefits.  Along with decreased local vehicle emissions, the usage of borrow pits can be significantly reduced as much lower volume of total material is required.  That which is can usually be satisfied using in-situ materials, with a small amount of supplement.

As you can see, GRT is helping multinational energy and exploration companies deliver real environmental benefits.  They have the side effect of often helping them comply with environmental regulation as well.  In many projects, total water usage and truck utilization required were reduced by almost 40%, not to mention the saved expense and hassle of not needing nearly as many borrow pits.

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