Dust Control


Benefits of GRT products: Global Road Technology is an international company that has gathered a vast expanse of expertise in creating and maintaining urban, rural and industrial roads. GRT technologies take up projects on turnkey solutions for soil stabilization and dust control problems and other operational challenges. Global Road Technology also manufactures products that are used for mixing with in-situ material creating road surfaces therefor delivering significant savings when compared to conventional road building methods. These products have been designed with comprehensive research and exhaustive tests to ensure quality and standards are adhered to in many different environments around the world. As a result products manufactured and designed by GRT’s research and development team are of exceptional standards, making GRT products the first choice for Governments and infrastructure companies in developing countries across the globe.

A company that puts quality and safety first: In many countries around the world, economies have suffered, largely because of the lack of roads and infrastructure. Due to the poor quality of road networks entire economies have been held back from expansion and progression. GRT is conscious of this and learns by listening to the industry and communities spread all over the globe where lack of proper roads are not only hurting local economy, it is also killing millions of men, women and children each year. According to The UN, road fatalities are likely to reach alarming figures of 1.9 million each year unless urgent steps are taken to prevent that from happening. GRT is committed to supporting the goals set by the United Nations to bring down accidents by 50% by 2020.

Environmental awareness: The vast majority of roads around the globe are produced using toxic material that contains very high concentrations of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs). Even bitumen used instead of coal tar has a significant source of PAH, which is a known carcinogen, though it has been proven that bitumen contains much less PAHs, it is certainly not the safest alternative available. GRT products are certified non-toxic and environmentally friendly and are the product of choice by many multi-national companies.

Innovation and Smart products: GRT keeps ahead of the curve by listening to industries and people. GRT products solve common problems such as fugitive dust and soil stabilization on haulage roads or where loose aggregates are creating dust and safety issues on roads. GRT7000 environmental bonding and capping product is the perfect solution. It minimizes water usage, keeps water wastage within control whilst increasing safety, reducing the need for maintenance vehicles and increasing visibility through dust mitigation. GRT products are versatile and the liquid polymer solutions manufactured by GRT can be used to prepare foundations, build sub layers, harden surfaces and has proven to be a extremely durable and versatile.

Long lasting solutions: The most significant aspect of GRT products is they are long lasting, versatile and environmentally friendly. GRT products stay true to the promise of being reliable and easy to apply in the harshest environments and stand the test of time and circumstances.


Global Road Technology delivers its promise of creating better and safer roads.