SAFER-ROADS-WORLDWIDEGlobal Road Technology is paving the way for safer roads throughout Australia, and internationally, with current projects stretching from North Queensland to Western Australia.

The internationally operating operational company has a wealth of expertise in the creation and maintenance of better urban, rural and industrial roads.

GRT technology solves road stabilisation and dust control problems, and other operating challenges, with the optimal combination of proven products and total turn-key solutions.

Currently, the company is working on all types of roads from major highways and freeways to haulage, industrial and rural roads, plus tarmacs, hardstand areas and water repellent pavements in the mining, farming and new infrastructure industries. This is due to the fact that GRT products can provide overall soil and ground stabilisation to all surfaces with the technology applicable for clay, silt, sand and gravel materials.

Global Road Technology is also deeply committed to helping rural and remote communities globally as a supporter of the United Nations Decade for Change Action. The company also congratulates the Australian Federal Government with their recent pledge of $6.2 million to the World Bank’s Global Road Safety Facility.

“GRT recognises the road injury crisis as a major humanitarian catastrophe, and pledges to continue to support the United Nations worthy cause. Its great news to hear Australia, as a whole, is getting behind this initiative too and was one of the co-sponsors of the resolution for the Decade of Action for Road Safety by the United Nations General Assembly in 2010,” said GRT Managing Director, Troy Adams.

The World Health Organisation predicts road crashes will be the leading cause of death and disability for children, aged five and above, in low and middle-income producing nations. It is staggering that each year 260,000 children die on roads, and another one million are seriously injured, often permanently disabled.

“The focus is on programs that rethink the relationship between people and roads and we are proud to be able to provide innovate solutions, on a global scale, to improve the safety of citizens and communities everywhere.”

Global Road Technology’s products are helping create better and safer roads everywhere.

Mr Adams said the time it takes to build a Global Road Technology road is significantly less than a conventional road, saving considerable resources, materials, money and water. Each of the GRT products is able to be applied very quickly, with a skilled crew able to lay one kilometre a day, leading to the roll out times from planning to the finished product only a matter of a few days.

“Global Road technology is innovative road stabilising technology that is significantly cheaper, greener, and longer lasting than conventional road building methods,” he said.

“The dust from unsealed or unstable road can cause major problems with haul trucks driving over it 24 hours a day.

“Many mining companies will have two teams, working 12 to 24 hours a day, using water trucks, a grader, and a roller in order to keep roads stabilised and free of dust.

“This can cost mining companies $1 million in labour costs over 12 months and that’s not including the ongoing maintenance and machinery costs.”

Mr Adams said unstable and unsealed roads can cause major problems in the mining industry but GRT technology can keep mine haulage roads open 24 hours a day to maximise productivity and minimise maintenance costs.

All products are certified non-toxic to the environment and significantly reduce the water used for dust suppression and road maintenance. All GRT products have a low carbon footprint.

The benefits of using GRT products are –

  • A reduction of dust levels
  • Less water usage to achieve maximum material compaction
  • Reduction of water permeability by reducing particle void spaces
  • Increases material density and strength (CBR)
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use and easy to maintain

Mr Adams said staffing capabilities with expert surveyors, geologists, civil engineers and industry consultants to ensure we always have the right qualified onsite technicians and staff to assist with any project and a quick response time on all jobs.

“It’s our goal to keep industries moving, create better roads for rural communities, and safer road infrastructure in low to middle income countries.”