Dust Control

Global Road Technology – Building Roads in New Ways

Global Road Technology specializes in developing and deploying new technologies to create infrastructure.  Their revolutionary road building systems, along with their soil stabilization and dust control technologies, have placed them squarely at the forefront of land development and expansion in areas where traditional road building techniques cannot be employed either due to logistics or expense.

There are four major factors which separate Global Road Technology from other infrastructure creators:

  • Very Little Raw Material Required – One major benefit of using Global Road Technology products to create your roads and other infrastructure is that very little raw material must be quarried and ferried to the site; the majority of what is needed is taken from the immediate environment and adapted for use with soil stabilization and dust suppression technology.
  • Stands Up to Hostile Environments – Global Road Technology construction is able to withstand the elements to extremes of both hot and cold that would destroy or severely damage traditional roads.  Their chemical compounds, in conjunction with soil stabilization and dust suppression technology creates infrastructure that resists heat, cold, moisture, and virtually everything else.
  • Environmentally Friendly – The dust suppression and soil stabilization techniques employed by Global Road technology in building their infrastructure result in significantly more environmentally friendly construction projects than traditional building can achieve.  Less fresh water is consumed during the building process, and fewer emissions are released into the air due to the significantly lower vehicle traffic necessary.
  • Non-Disruptive Construction – A final major benefit of Global Road Technology road products is that they may be employed in already inhabited areas with minimal disruption to local residents.  This helps keep complaints low and local political boards pleased, making the soil stabilization and dust suppression technologies of GRT an excellent choice for use in cities and towns.

These four advantages when taken together mean that Global Road technology is able to reach out and build infrastructure in many places that are either unreachable or undesirable to build in using traditional road building methods.

In remote, inhospitable environments, you don’t need to worry about the difficult logistics and can rely on the soil stabilization and dust suppression technologies to work along with reclaimed local material.  You can also rely on the fact that they will stand up to the punishment of both heat and cold, opening new, entirely unreachable vistas for road construction and further development.  Global Road Technology products are also perfect for use in dense urban centers where normal techniques would be considered too disruptive to employ.