Global Road Technology Mine Haul Roads

Global Road Technology Mine Haul Roads

The creation and maintenance of infrastructure is of increasing importance in a world that relies on having regular access to raw materials harvested from all over the globe.  However, traditional road building methods are often somewhat limited; they are expensive, do not produce particularly durable or long-lasting surfaces, and have a variety of other issues associated with them.

This has led to the development of products intended to assist with road stabilization in a supplemental capacity.  Either through reinforcing the in-situ material present at a site or through other means, road stabilization methods and products are generally a very cost-effective way for organizations both public and private to help reinforce and maintain their infrastructure network.  Companies such as Global Road Technology lead the way in this regard, fielding an impressive array of dust control, soil stabilization, and road stabilization products and technologies that are revolutionizing construction methods in dozens of different countries.  Let’s take a look at just a few of the possible applications of road stabilization products:

  • Construction Sites – Construction sites frequently feature a heavy volume of traffic, including trucks and logistical support which can weigh significantly more than an average passenger vehicle.  Whether you need to shore up heavy haul roads, provide a stronger support bed on an unpaved dirt road, or are looking to develop a large parcel of land, road stabilization will likely be a necessary component of the infrastructure you will have to construct.
  • Airport Infrastructure – Ensuring that airport roadways are sufficiently supported to bear the load of their vehicles is another application of road stabilization technology.  The runways themselves can be supported, as well as helipads, FARPs, taxiways, infields, and every other part of the infrastructure normally associated with an airport.
  • Mining and Natural Resource Infrastructure – The equipment used in mining and harvesting natural resources is some of the heaviest in existence, and repeated travel over normal roadways can tear them apart quite rapidly.  Road stabilization is absolutely essential in these situations; you will find the products and techniques employed by the logging industry, underground miners, and essentially any other operation dedicated to moving large amounts of natural resources from point to point.
  • Agricultural Support – Regular farm traffic can also be difficult for unsupported roads to bear over time.  Tractors, trailers, and even animal foot traffic in sufficient numbers, can all damage roadways and infrastructure.  Road stabilization and reinforcing techniques are what enable the agricultural industry to keep the fresh produce flowing on a regular basis from the farms to our tables.
  • Energy and Power Infrastructure – Refineries, power plants, and other large construction projects associated with energy and power require an extraordinary amount of supporting infrastructure to be constructed in order to fuel their regular operation.  Road stabilization techniques can help keep this critical support infrastructure in tip top condition when it is needed most.
  • Passenger Roadways – Traditional passenger roadways, whether constructed from fresh or recycled asphalt, are also often prime candidates for road stabilization and support enhancement.  Municipalities can save significant amounts of money over time on their annual road projects by wisely employing preventative maintenance and stabilization technology rather than constantly repaving every other year.
  • Military and Defense Sites – Military and defense sites are also prime candidates for enhanced infrastructure, for obvious reasons.  Governments and military organizations the world over construct their bases, defense compounds, training sites, and other facilities, and often employ road stabilization techniques as a form of long-term maintenance for their properties.

As you can see, the applications of road stabilization products and techniques are many and varied.  They are becoming increasingly favored as more and more organizations are discovering how stabilizing and supporting already infrastructure, rather than replacing it, can result in significant cost savings over time.

Global Road Technology has demonstrated that employing their road construction methods offers immense benefit to both the public and private sectors.  Governments and military organizations can build reliable infrastructure quickly and at a fraction of the cost, and private companies have a cost-effective and high-quality alternative to expensive asphalt and concrete construction options.

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