Hydromulch Perth & Western Australia

Hydromulching is a hydraulic mulching practice for reducing soil erosion and promoting regrowth and vegetation. It does so by protecting soil surfaces for soil and water conservation and to promote plant growth. Among common soil conservation practices used in Perth, Western Australia, hydromulching has been successfully applied to reduce soil and water losses in different scenarios. These include mines, agricultural lands, fire-affected areas, rangelands and development sites. The challenge that many of these site’s face is soil erosion by water, especially in semi-arid and semi-humid areas of the world. Hydromulch slurry consists of a mixture of water, cellulose fiber, native seeds, tackifier, fertilizer and dye used to keep seeds intact and create an environment to assist in germination for the desired effects. Soil testing before hydromulching is critical to development of the most effective and targeted hydromulch slurry. Good hydromulch application rate and ground cover accelerates the development of depleted soils to help build the soil structure.

Hydromulch in Perth – Background Information 

Hydromulch in Perth and more broadly in Western Australia, is applicable in mining, development sites, contractors’ sites, and for local authorities. Hydromulching can be used for erosion control in different scenarios such as mine-site rehabilitation, revegetation and dust control. Perth is known for its hot, dry summers and mild winters but over the years it has experienced less of spring and autumn. During summer rain is unusual, but winter can bring downpours of rain and thunderstorms achieving record breaking rainfall and high temperatures. Throughout Western Australia, hydromulch can be used to stabilize and revegetate land at risk of soil water erosion.

What are the benefits of hydromulching?

  • Reduces water and soil loss rates in different environments.
  • Provides cost-effective short-to-medium term dust suppression.
  • Permanent or semi-permanent protective cover over the soil surface.
  • Reduce soil water erosion in agricultural environments.
  • Protects the soil against raindrop impact.
  • Reduces both the overland flow generation rates and velocity by increasing roughness.
  • Cuts sediment and nutrient concentrations in runoff.
  • Improves infiltration capacity.
  • Increase water intake and storage.
  • Enhances species activity such as earthworms as well as crop performance interaction with nutrients.
  • Increases soil organic matter.
  • Reduces topsoil temperature for more optimal germination and root development.


What is GRT’s alternative to hydromulching?

GRT Enviro Binder is a unique erosion control product proven to outperform in any application and provide immediate, long-lasting results. The mechanism of action for GRT: Enviro Binder involves penetration into and binding with soil to form a complex interconnected structure with loose granular surface particles. After the polymer dries, a durable surface, waterproof layer is formed that binds the surface, prevents erosion and provides dust control. Sensitivity to the environment is catered for as GRT: Enviro Binder is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It can be applied in the most environmentally sensitive areas where very low to nil impacts to environmental values are guaranteed for up to 12 months.

Application-wise it is diluted (1:9) with water and then sprayed onto the material surface by truck or hand spray. The environmentally friendly, tough and durable polymer is applied to stop erosion on exposed slopes and areas at risk of erosion by rainfall and overland flow. Areas of concentrated water flow such as v-drains are effectively treated by simply applying multiple coats or applying at reduced dilution. The product also reduces the risk of wind erosion and subsequent dust generation to zero- making it the perfect one-two combination.

Key Benefits of GRT Enviro Binder

  • Nontoxic and environmentally friendly product to both terrestrial and aquatic flora and fauna.
  • Immediately effective once applied and binds soil preventing impact and sheet erosion on any exposed soil area
  • Supports seed and vegetation growth by forming a matrix bonds with the soil allowing the growth to take place whilst maintaining its erosion and dust suppression.
  • Minimal soil preparation for application of product.
  • Cost effective results.
  • Safe installation.
  • Waterproof product that is not affect by rainfall or storm events.
  • Ultimate product to solve erosion and sediment issues in the most environmentally sensitive areas.

GRT Enviro Binder Case Studies

GRT Enviro Binder

Don’t catch sediment, deal with erosion at its source!

Global Road Technology also offers GRT Nature Plus a spray over liquid polymer that provides erosion control and nutrients to increase germination and strike rate for the short and long term hence can be effectively utilized as a key solution for preventing erosion while seeds establish.  GRT Nature Plus allows for greater penetration, mobility and increased uptake of nutrients by plants and is an ideal product to give excellent growth, root development and sustainable vegetation health. Overall, Perth and Western Australian conditions require dealing with erosion at its source and using erosion and sediment control products suitable for the type of soil and climate.

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