soil stabilization and dust control

GRT Road Stabilization and Dust Suppression Products

We talk about how great soil stabilization is for your road network for good reasons. It is the only way that ensures your roads are safe and reliable. However, soil stabilization works for more than just roads, paved or otherwise. With a little imagination, you can apply the same materials and tools used for maintaining your roads for other areas such as hillsides, shorelines, and buildings.

Soil stabilization binds soil materials together so that the surface remains firm without causing environmental damage. It is viable any time the soil is loose and prone to landslides and shifting. it is also used well to help maintain the shoreline of the stream, lake, or river that runs past your property.

Soil stabilization does more than just keeping the stream looking its best, but also withholds debris and hazardous material from entering the water. This ensures the water travelling downstream towards local communities is safe and clean to use. By stabilising shorelines, landslides and shifting is prevented and reduces damage to buildings, roads and personnel if they occur.

Global Road Technology is a dust control and road stabilization company that provides a number of products to suit every need. GRT products 7000 and 9000 have the ability to stabilize an array of different surfaces from traditional roads to shorelines and beaches. These products are not only easy to apply but are also environmentally friendly and cheaper than most other methods.

Along with using stabilization on environmental surfaces, stabilization is also great at securing the ground underneath buildings and other infrastructure. If your foundations crack or become uneven, you might need to stabilize the soil before construction, allowing you to reduce the risk of harm to working personnel and equipment.

Soils erode if they are not prepared properly or when water seeps into them. This erosion cracks your foundation allowing water to leak into the basement. It can also produce sidewalks, walkways and driveways that are not level making them a tripping hazard to pedestrians and vehicles. Repairing this degree of damage can get very expensive to fix and then maintain. Fortunately, the stabilization of soil works similar to that of road stabilization. The foundation can be of many different soil types, endure almost any type of weather and be of made of many different materials in which will still minimize shifting and maximize drainage.

Of course, Global Road Technology products will stabilize any road paved or unpaved. Whether you need to repair a road, stabilize a shoreline or driveway, Global Road Technology offers universal, quick, and long lasting stabilization solutions to suit every need. GRT roads work with any type of soil including wet, dry, hot, or cold, and are ready to use within hours of application. There is also no need for heavy machinery or labor-intensive work.

Our biopolymer products have no negative environmental effects and do not require a lot of water or ex situ materials. GRT products are the perfect balance between engineering and environmental needs. For more information, Please visit our website at or call 1300 Dust Free.