Global Road Technology Dust Suppression GRT7000

We rely on our roads so much we expect them to be there when we need them, often taking them for granted. We rarely consider how they erode away or whether they will need repairs in the future. With how expensive road repairs can get, no wonder we put them off far longer than we should. However, we do so by risking road safety for us and our vehicles. With proper road stabilization and dust control, we can extend the lives of our roads and even reduce the costs of repairs.

Road dust is where the road itself comes apart due to the constant assault of the winds, precipitation, and traffic. Every time a bit of dust comes off a road, a bit of the road goes with it. This is the main cause of all potholes, cracks, bumps, and other deformities you see on ageing roads. All that dust creates cavities that go deep into the road bed, destabilizing it while accelerating the erosion process even more. While this works for all roads, it is especially true for unpaved roads which are just layers of rock.

For a long-lasting, cost-effective method, you need to stabilize the road bed while keeping the dust at bay. Whether you are repairing some roads or constructing a new one, Global Road Technology helps keep your roads serving your needs for decades to come.

Mines divert huge amounts of water for the running of water trucks over access tracks and roads to keep the dust under control. To combat the limited supply of water available on site, many mines use trucks to transport additional water. GRT products let you eliminate the need for such expensive and ineffective dust suppression systems for something that will reduce costs while making great drivable roads all year long.

Global Road Technology’s biopolymer-based dust control agents only need a small amount of water in which will reduce your need for expensive transportation and associated labor costs while lowering your water consumption. Plus, GRT roads require no grading, while other dust control methods need grading three to four times a month. Our products don’t just last for months either. They provide a cumulative effect. Each new application lasts longer than all previous applications of the product.

Besides the water savings, GRT products work on any road and soil type. Unpaved roads are often constructed on native soils too weak to withstand continuous watering. So, water-based dust controls do not actually suppress dust. They just move the material out of the way, washing away your roads in the process. Why waste money on such ineffective solutions when GRT dust control products can do the job right keeping your roads safe and useable. You can count on the versatility of our product which is customised depending on soil types and any weather conditions the roads may undergo.

GRT products leave highly durable roads that will not break down easily from UV-rays, enzymes, and soil microbes nor wash away in the rain. As a result, you will see your monthly road expenses decrease to a more manageable levels, keeping you under budget, increasing the efficiency and safety of your roads, and giving your water supply the time to replenish itself.

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