Global Road Technology (GRT) products can create a road, in a quarter of the time it takes to build a conventional road, with an innovative range of products.

Not only is road building now quicker it is greener (less carbon emissions), cheaper and longer lasting.

Using GRT businesses/companies can reduce the very large overhead of road maintenance to a small utility vehicle, a watering can, a drum of GRT and a labourer with a pick and shovel.

GRT can be used in any situation where a dirt road is being in-situ. Mines, haulage roads, rural roads, farm roads, service roads, hardstands, in fact anywhere that stabilisation and dust suppressing is required.

Global Road Technology has solutions to cut costs, increase productivity and ensure your roads are virtually maintenance free. Construction of the road is super quick and operational within a few hours of GRT being applied.

GRT9000 – road stabilisation and surfacing

The GRT9000 product creates a hard, semi-flexible and water impermeable road surface which acts to prevent dust, pot holes, rutting, corrugation and other surface degradation caused by heavy traffic or extreme weather.

Our revolutionary GRT technology can be applied and integrated into clay, silt, sand and gravel materials.  Globally surfaces and soil types differ, but our various GRT products suit all ground surfaces.

Tested in some of the world’s toughest laboratories, GRT products are certified non-toxic to the environment and provide sustainability to haulage roads, tarmacs, hardstand areas, water repellent pavements with dust suppression and soil and ground stabilisation.

Mining and infrastructure companies used to require specialist road building materials but they can now utilise the in-situ material that they have around the mines or on their service roads.

GRT9000 can be used to form the sub-base layer of conventional roads, fix existing roads that have been damaged or completely replace bitumen and asphalt roads.

GRT8000 – dust suppression

Fugitive dust generated by vehicular traffic on unpaved roads leads to road deterioration, sediment run-off, impact on our health and the environment and ultimately higher expenses!

GRT manufactures a high-quality, innovative and environmentally-safe dust control product known as GRT8000. This product engineered to efficiently and safely alleviate fugitive dust from unpaved roads and reduce costs from the date if installation.

GRT8000 is a quality, versatile and environmentally-friendly modified biopolymer dust control agent. GRT8000 was developed to meet the need for a quality and environmentally-friendly product that can be safely stored and easily applied. GRT8000 is applied to successfully combat fugitive dust and stabilise the road surface on many different types of unpaved, low & high-volume roads, parking lots, railroad yards, hardstands etc., throughout industrial, mining, military, private and public market sectors.

GRT8000 is formulated with environmentally-friendly biopolymers and surfactants, as a dust palliative and soil stabiliser. GRT8000 works by binding loose soil or aggregate particles together, strengthening the soil/aggregate matrix and preventing even the smallest particles from becoming airborne as fugitive dust. In addition, GRT8000 will add water resistance to the treated soil particles and will not re-solubilise in rainwater and wash off the road after curing. This is especially important in areas where the mitigation of sediment runoff from unpaved roads into streams is imperative.

GRT8000 is sold and transported in a concentrate and diluted in water prior to application. In addition to suppressing dust, GRT8000 can also be used as an environmentally-friendly base stabiliser.

As a dust palliative GRT8000 provides:

  • Superior dust cohesion and suppression
  • Efficient dust control under a variety of conditions
  • Excellent penetration of a road surface without pre-watering
  • Applies quickly without road closures using a water truck or pressurised distributor truck
  • Easily washes off of equipment and vehicles before curing

All components of GRT8000 are considered:

  • Free of hazardous solvents
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-corrosive to metal
  • Non-hazardous waste
  • Not considered to be harmful to aquatic and mammal life
  • Not considered to be carcinogenic

GRT7000 – bonding/capping agent

This is a specially formulated ‘non-ionising in water solution’ liquid polymer engineered for use in civil construction amongst other uses. It is suitable for all soil types, and a more permanent solution to areas that require control in material strength.

Being water-soluble it mixes well into differing soil materials used to prepare foundations, road sub-base layers, capping layers and other hardstand areas.

Product Overview

Controlling fugitive dust with daily water truck operations is a losing battle. As the water quickly evaporates from the soil, your dust problem returns, and there is very little reward for the wasted efforts and precious water resources.

It’s a common perception that controlling fugitive dust on unpaved surfaces using water alone is an economical method. It’s surprising to discover the true cost of suppressing fugitive dust with water. In reality, construction companies, mining operations, and oil and gas service industries are spending significantly more given the high price of diesel, increased labour costs and equipment maintenance.

The constant application of water to the wearing course of a road can pump fine material to the surface leading to increased maintenance. Using water to control fugitive dust simply turns dust into mud! There is added cost with the repetitious blading and re-shaping of the road that becomes necessary when large volumes of water are repeatedly applied to the road.

GRT7000 is a common sense approach when fighting fugitive dust on any unpaved road using a standard water truck. GRT7000 greatly reduces the cost of controlling dust when compared to using water while the amount of dust generated is significantly decreased.

GRT7000 concentrate is simply added to a water truck and diluted with water to make anywhere from a 2.5% to 10% percent solution. This solution is then applied to any dusty unpaved surface on a daily, bi-weekly, or weekly schedule. The applied solution of GRT7000 will bind the silty dust particles together preventing them from becoming airborne. Subsequent maintenance applications will cause GRT7000 to build up and after a period of time, due to the accumulative residual of product, the application of GRT7000 can be suspended or reduced until blow on, tracked on, or traffic generated dust warrants another quick application of product.

GRT7000will provide a continuous and enduring accumulation of the product into the soil/aggregate road material.

Benefits of GRT7000

  • Designed to effectively treat fugitive dust on construction, forest, oil, gas, mine and other haulage roads
  • GRT7000 is environmentally and user friendly
  • Does not require expensive application equipment – can be applied using a standard water truck
  • Quick application without road closures
  • Effective on roads built with poor or loose aggregates and can be used on very coarse textured road aggregates lacking sufficient fines
  • Very effective on roads that receive excessive “blown-on” or “tracked-on” dust or spillage from dump trucks or mine hauling equipment
  • Used to effectively control dust throughout the dry season
  • Easy to cleanup


GRT products create roads that are cost-effective, environmentally friendly and stable. They can be constructed substantially faster than conventional roads, using simple road construction machinery with little or no external materials required. The polymer base provides versatility in both application and durability.

GRT products can custom design solutions for time frame and strength limits for differing soil or base substances and variety of applications. Its ability to provide equal strength and flexibility in both soaked and dry conditions make it stand alone among its competitors.

GRT products have been designed to achieve high performance in the base, sub-base or capping layers and have been applied to a wide range of soil types, including clay, silt, sand and gravel materials.


GRT products newest and most advanced product, GRT 9000, is polymerized bitumen created for use in the construction of high-quality freeways, highways and urban roads. GRT 9000 creates a very strong, flexible pavement that is easily reparable and is waterproof, protecting sub-base layers from deterioration.

As with all GRT products, the reduction in external materials required ensures roads can be constructed swiftly and for a lower cost than conventional road methods.


GRT products can be used to maintain or repair dirt or conventional roads. In each situation, a GRT product mix is developed using in-situ materials.


For simple repairs, a wheelbarrow and shovel are the only tools required. The GRT products mixture placed in the pothole will bond with the surrounding road base forming a robust and reliable road repair. This is especially true for a previously constructed GRT road.


For more extensive upgrades, including replacing bitumen and asphalt roads with GRT products a grader, water truck and roller will be required. The original road is ripped up and the broken road materials mixed with GRT products to create a GRT products mix. This mix is graded and rolled, with the resulting road more robust and durable than the original.


Using in-situ material, rural roads have been constructed throughout Australia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, with more rural road projects in development throughout the world. As no external materials are needed, rural roads can be constructed quickly with limited impact or disruption to the local community.

Once laid, the roads are able to be used immediately meaning local communities will have better access to markets and health facilities immediately. As GRT products roads are able to withstand extreme and severe weather conditions, the roads will remain usable throughout each season, with little maintenance required.


As well as roads, GRT products can be used in commercial applications wherever bitumen, concrete or asphalt is used traditionally. The unique dust suppressive, strength and environmentally friendly traits of the GRT products make them ideal for use by the following industries:

  • Mining and resources
  • Forestry
  • Civil construction
  • Rail
  • Poultry and pork industries
  • Farms

GRT products have been used commercially for the following applications:

  • Haulage roads
  • Tarmac
  • Hard stand areas
  • Soil and ground stabilisation
  • Dust suppression
  • Water repellent pavements