Global Road Technology: The Superior Choice


The time it takes to build a GRT road is significantly less than a conventional road, saving considerable resources, materials, money and water. Each of the Global Road Technology products is able to be applied very quickly, with a skilled crew able to lay 6000 sq metres a day and roll out times from planning to finished road are often only a matter of days.

Roads are able to be opened immediately following the application in most spoil types, reducing traffic disruption.


Global Road Technology roads are more robust, resilient and flexible and are just as strong in wet, dry, hot and cold conditions. They accommodate movement, moisture and temperature that would crack other surfaces. As the GRT products create a waterproof surface, they keep water from seeping down to the base layer, reducing the issue of base layers that are weak in the wet.

Where extremely high strength is required a 50mm layer of treated road base is equivalent to a 250mm untreated layer.


There are short-term cost benefits with lower application and labour costs, plus long-term benefits with product longevity and lower maintenance costs. As Global Road Technology roads use in-situ materials, external materials such as coal, concrete, crushed rock and asphalt are not required in many situations, significantly reducing costs.


Damage to Global Road Technology roads are cheaper and easier to repair than asphalt or concrete. No machinery is required to treat repairs – only a watering can, a shovel and wheelbarrow. Repairs will last as well as the original road and will not delaminate.


Construction procedures are simplified, with the Global Road Technology  GRT products added to non-salt or salt water in normal watering, grading or profiling process using the soil already in-situ. No specialised equipment is necessary, with a water truck, grader and roller sufficient to construct most roads and hardstand areas. For maintenance activities, such as fixing potholes, equipment required can be as simple as a shovel and wheelbarrow.

As the application process is simplified, non-skilled labour can be utilised – a point that has significant implications for rural communities where expert road construction crews are not always readily accessible.


Construction of Global Road Technology roads and hardstand areas require only a water truck, grader and roller during application. The simplified process means other pieces of equipment, such as large trucks carrying external materials, are no longer required. This in turn saves on machinery maintenance, tyre wear, fuel costs and removes the need for additional machine hire or purchase.


Global Road Technology products are easily transportable in IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Containers).


All products are certified non-toxic to the environment and significantly reduce the water used for dust suppression and road maintenance. All Global Road Technology products have a low carbon footprint.

There is no waste disposal issue when a road needs to be changed. The road is simply broken up and can be reused for a new road. Even old bitumen, crushed concrete and road base are able to be recycled as new surfaces and will give a very strong result when using Global Road Technology products.

With little or no external materials used during the construction of most Global Road Technology roads and hardstand areas, there is an extensive reduction in truck movements, reducing CO2 emissions.


Areas stabilized with Global Road Technology produce less dust and provide a non-slip, waterproof surface.